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Custom Dental implants, dentures, and retainers for UAE, Gulf region and other countries.


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Welcome to Charismatic Dental Lab

Welcome to Charismatic Dental Lab, the Dubai and the UAE’s premier dental solutions provider. We use the latest technology, materials, and research to custom construct dental implants. We produce and supply Dubai with orthodontic implants, bridges, veneers, retainers, and much more.


Our Main Functions

Why Charismatic Dental Labs

  • Our on-staff technicians manage a quality assurance system designed to minimize your chair time.
  • Our team of master technicians can guide you through treatment planning, material selection, and tooth preparation design.
  • Due to our parent organization’s strong clinical background, Charismatic Lab UAE’s team understands your patients’ needs and takes the utmost care to provide dental restorations with quality and comfort.


Charismatic Dental Lab is committed to our values of precision, quality, consistency. We use the latest technology, machines, research, and methods to develop dental implants that benefit the lives of people.

In Charismatic Dental Lab we understand how your patients needs art that’s why we are committed to provide high quality, functional and aesthetic restoration. Charismatic Dental Lab has been working with dentist nationwide.
Our team of dedicated and outstanding technicians can help you achieve your planning, material selection, tooth preparation and design resulting in highest quality restoration. Our master technician has over 20 years of experience in the dental field and they can handle the most challenging cases.
The consistency of our restoration earned us recognition as one of the most reliable Dental Laboratory in UAE. In Charismatic Dental Laboratory we allow our Lab partners to save time and money as well as adding value to their practice, precision and consistency.


Charismatic Dental Lab provides Dubai and the UAE feldspathic veneers and crowns. We use the latest method of layering porcelain until the tooth is grown. The process of layering yeilds a strong and natural looking veneer so that patients can smile and live with confidence. Our expert lab techs layer the feldspathic by hand like artisans, and we take great pride in their beautiful and pearl-like tooth implants. We are able to produce veneers which require minimal tooth reduction by refining our skills to make layers as thin as .3mm. The finished product is a veneer that boasts slight contours and mimics natural color patterns.

Feldspathic veneers can radically improve the life of your patient by improving their smile and confidence with natural looking implants.  Charismatic Dental Lab provides Dubai and the UAE with Noritake porcelain for the highest quality dental porcelain implants available. Noritake porcelian provides the best resistance to fractures and breaks. Fractures typically occur due to incompatibility in the thermal expansion coefficient between the alloy and the porcelain. There are many factors that impact the resiliance and quality of a porcelain veneer: the baking repetition, cooling rate, post soldering and so on. Noritake porcelain has a unique quality to mimic natural teeth with a natural fluorescence.

  • Very natural look while being thin
  • Hand crafted for natural look
  • Pearl-like translucency and color
  • Can be fabricated as thin as 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm
  • Available in bleach shades
  • Indicated for slight contour & color changes
  • Anterior/ Posterior
  • Veneers
  • Crowns

What is Noritake [KATANA] Zirconia


Zirconia are dental implants made of Yttria Stabilized Zirconium. They offer substantial advantages over traditional dental implant materials, such as: resistance, additional compatibility to human body, and they provide two times greater resistance to fractures than Alumina.

Benefits of Zirconia


The strength of Zirconia implants offer flexibility and strength in the range of 1250 MPa. Without compromising strength, Charismatic Dental Lab can give your clients extreme aesthetics that are safer, and that last longer. Conventional restorations made with precious metal and ceramics only provided 800 MPa or less. Zirconia far exceeds the strength and flexibility of the old metal/ceramics of the previous decades. These new implants can also be placed anywhere in the mouth and can be comprised of 3-6 bridge units.

Why we use Noritake


Charismatic Dental Lab in Dubai uses Noritake CZR porcelain, specifically developed to be used with the zirconia framework for making cermaic crowns. Applicable for the front or back because of the flexibility and strength the material offers. Dr.Gordon Christensen tested and proves the bonding compatibility of porcelain for zirconia framework of CZR vs. other generic porcelains, and the best bond strength was with the use of CZR porcelain on the zirconia (Clinicians Report recommended material).

Sports Guard

Sports Guard



IPS e.max Press lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) is an innovation that offers amazing form, function, and fitting combined with a high strength of 400 MPa. LS2 comes in four different levels of translucency and two sizes wihtout changing the flexure strength. These restorations display realistic and lifelike esthetics, regardless of the desired shade of the preparations.



There is an ever increasing number of patients wanting implant supported restorations as an alternative to general crown and bridge techniques, therefore we offer a comprehensive wealth of experience in planning and design of different implant situations. We manufacture single tooth implants, implant suppported bridgesand hybrid implants. Please note all Implant cases require 15 working days.

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