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Dental Veneers Dubai

Charismatic Dental Lab has been manufacturing dental veneers on the cutting edge of materials and methodology for dental clinics and their patients in Dubai and the UAE since the science has come of age. We strive hard to maintain our reputation as the best dental veneer manufacturer in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates by committing to excellence in quality and standards. Charismatic Dental Lab produces natural looking dental veneers that restore confidence and ultimately improve the mental health of your patients.

Dental Veneers

A dental veneer is a thin cover custom created to cover chipped, worn-down, or discolored teeth. The material used to create the thin veneer can vary depending upon certain requirements the patient might have. Some patients are recomended veneers for aesthetic purposes while others need them for medical health reasons. The end result is a stronger, better looking tooth, so ask your dentist about dental veneers and tell the Charismatic Dental Lab has years of manufcature experience in Dubai.

Why use Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneers can be used for cosmetic or medical purposes. The veneer acts like a thin protective layer to supliment the lost coating of the origional tooth. In the medical sense, the veneer provides a protective layer that strengthens the tooth, protects it from further chipping, protects exposed nerve endings, and protects against further decay. 

The cosmetic effect of dental veneers is that it provides the wearer with a fuller tooth without chips, weathering, or extreme discoloration. These “cosmetic” features very much apply to the mental health of the patient as they can smile more confidently and are not self confident about their most personal and promoted body feature: their mouth.

If drinking hot or cold liquids hurts your teeth, a chipped tooth has exposed a sensitive nerve, or you can’t smile with confidence, you might be an eligable candidate for a dental veneer.

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