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Custom Mouth Guards & Custom Sports Guards

Sports and mouth guards dont have to be boring, rather, people involved in sports often prefer to stylize their mouth guards to make a statement. Charistmatic Dental Lab makes custom mouth guards and custom sports guards for sportsmen and women who are smart enough to protect their teeth while they train their body and mind. Our custom created sports and mouth guards allow our customers to show their national or team pride by putting a flag or club colors on their guard. We also allow people to personalize the colors incase they just want a beautiful and attention grabbing mouth guard.

About our Mouth & Sports Guards

Sports and Mouth Guards for:

  • Combat Sports
  • Soccer/Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby

Our Mouth and Sports Guards Designs:

  • Country Flags
  • Sports Club Colors
  • Personalized Colors
  • Club Logos & Insignias

Mouth and Sports Guards

Charismatic Dental Lab has expert lab technicians that use the latest equipment and materials to create custom mouth guards and sports guards. The guards we create are custom created to fit your bite perfectly in order to mazimize the comfort and protection. 

What to do?

If If you want to make a statement on the field or want a personalized touch to go with your sports attire, call Charismatic Dental Lab and order a custom designed bite guard. Make the perfect gift for a sports fan and gift them the personalized mouth guard they love.

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